Glow-worm sites in and around Yorkshire, Durham and Northumberland

A. Records published by Anthony Wootton (Country-Side 1971, 21 456-463 and 572-574, and XXII, No 6, Spring 1974, 266-271.) NB: Comments such as ‘10 years ago’ here refer from 1970s.

Richmond, banks of Swale, summer 1962.
Stutton, Nr. Tadcaster, disused railway track and nearby (SE 478415-412), many (23 counted in 15 min, walk), June 1968.
Acomb, Nr. York, c. mid-1950s.
Helmsley Castle, recent.
Wrelton, Nr. Pickering, c.1890.
Ellerburn, Nr. Thornton Dale, abundant, June 1969.
New Bridge, Pickering, July 1941.
Langdale Valley, Nr Scarborough, May 1964, June 1969.
Broxa, Nr. Scarborough, recent.
Staintondale, N.W. of Scarborough, 1939.
Yarm (Yorks-Durham border), towards Aislaby, on grass verge, autumn 1926.
Commondale, 'seen quite frequently', early July 1972. Also seen c. 60 years ago.
Lealholm-Danby district, seen c. 60 years ago.
Corn Close, Dentdale, Sedburgh, (SD 674888) 1, late June 1973.
Threshfield, Nr. Grassington, July 1956.
Low Row-Gunnerside (Swaledale), hundreds on hilly road-sides from Roleth Bothams to Strands farm, etc. c. 35 years ago.
Sword Point, Nr. Norwood Edge, Washburn valley, Nr. Otley, seen on high land in 1920s
Carr Lane, Low Snowden, Washburn Valley, seen in 1960s. (opposite side of valley to Sword Point).
Riffa Wood, Nr Huby, 1930s and probably recently.
Nr. Farnley Hall, Otley, 1930s.
Farndale, seen whilst harvesting c. 57 years ago; also odd ones during last war.
Low Dalby, Thornton Dale, several in wood, June 1971.
C. 6m from Darlington (on road to Doncaster), "hundreds" by roadside, September 1925. [This is as printed, though it seems odd to me - RS]

Muggleswick in deep ravine of River Derwent called "The Sneep". c. 4 miles from Consett (Muggleswick NZ 015498)
East Castle between Annfield Plain and Leadgate Nr. Consett (c. NZ148521).
Trimdon Grange below garden hedge c. 50 years ago.

Riding Mill, Tyne Valley, "early this century".
Hedgeley-Eglingham area, 2, 1936-41.
Thrunton Crag (Forestry Commission), Nr. Whittingham, common 40 years ago.
Edlingham, c. 6m S.W. of Alnwick, c.15 years ago.
Allerwash, between Fourstones and Haydon Bridge, frequently seen 1940-44.
On road from Dipton House, Riding Mill, many 1941.
Corbridge area, several seen up to c. 1926 in grass verges.
Slaley Road, Nr. Riding Mill, c. 25-30 years ago.
By River Rede at Old Brigg, West Woodburn, numerous on hillside c. 60 years ago.
Stocksfield-on Tyne, near house c. 20-25 years ago
Batt House–New Ridley roads, Guess Burn, Nr. Stocksfield-on-Tyne, large number seen once only, c.1934-40.
Riding Mill, Dipton Foot, Tyne Valley, June 1945, and up to 1952.

In addition, I have come across the following list, published in The Vasculum, December 1972:
"...I therefore addressed letters to the editors of the Northern Echo, Newcastle Journal and Hexham Courant, and received the following reports:"
Famdale (1915) (NE Yorks)
About 6 miles south of Darlington (1925)
Near Gunnerside (1937) (NW Yorks)
Trimdon Grange (1922) (Co Durham)
Stocksfield (1940) (Northumberland)
Riding Mill, 4 reports (latest 1952)
Corbridge (before 1926)
Allerwash (1940-44)
West Woodburn (1912)
Whittingham (1932)
Eglingham (1941)
Edlingham (1957)
Heads Nook (c. 1908) (Cumbria)
Wastdale (1962)
Langholm (no date) (Dumfriesshire)

B. Sites reported to Robin Scagell.
Site  Map    Location and details
No    Ref
522 NZ9492   1 mile NW of Langdale End, at end of cottage drive. 80s.
In addition I have been told about a colony in a garden near Hexham for many years up to the present (1991), and two seen on the North York Moors Railway near Grosmont. Since this is a working railway, even at night, anyone wishing to search this area must get permission from the railway authorities in advance.
  In many other areas I have received many more recent reports than these: in southern counties, there are as many recent records as old ones. It is strange that there have been so few reports from the limestone and chalk areas of Yorkshire, either recently or in the past. Both positive and negative reports will be very welcome from the Yorkshire area.

Note added 2001. In addition to the above sites I have also heard of some fairly large colonies within forest areas in North Yorkshire – Robin Scagell