Glow worm sites in and around Rutland

A. Records published by Anthony Wootton (Country-Side 1971, 21 456-463 and 572-574, and XXII, No 6, Spring 1974, 266-271.)


Between Ashton and Roade, 2 July 1968-1969.
Bedford Purlieus, in ridings of wood between Wansford and Kings Cliffe, 20 females counted, July 1968.
Souther Wood, Nr. Lowick, Kettering, 6 females, late July 1971.


Near A14, c.1/2 miles from Longstowe (TL 316546) "hundreds". June 1968.

B. Sites reported to Robin Scagell
Site  Map    Location and details if any: f = (glowing) females, m = males
No    Ref
186 SK943026 South Luffenham, Rutland  2f 1991
178 SK947006 Barrowden, Rutland 8f 1991
185 SK955193 Morkery Wood, Lincs  19f 1991
179 SK982053 Ketton Quarry SSSI, Rutland  7f 1991
191 SK999147 Lincolnshire Gate, Lincs  1f 1991
190 TF002152 Roberts Field, Lincs  1f 1991
180 TF004037 Colly Weston Deeps SSSI, Northants  23f 1991
184 TF006203 Creeton, Lincs  12f 1991
563 TF01775  Station Rd, Little Bytham, Nr Grantham. Large nos approx 1984.
196 TF044125 Essendine, Rutland  50 f 1991
181 TF075047 Barnack Hills & Holes NNR, Northants  450f 1991
062 SP8151   Salcey Forest, Roade, Northampton 1991
197 SP937954 Harringworth Lodge, Northants  2f 1991
194 SP953974 Wakerley Wood, Northants  1f 1991
183 SP954997 Wakerley Road, Northants  1f 1991
182 SP955997 Wakerley Road, Northants  4f 1991
195 SP965978 Wakerley Wood, Northants   2f 1991
192 SP982984 Fineshade Top Lodge, Northants  1f 1991
193 TL008833 Wadenhoe, Northants  2f 1991
189 TL055984 Old Sulehay Quarry  13f 1991
188 TL065987 (Hayfield)  1f 1991
187 TL067988 Old Sulehay Wood, Northants  1 f 1991

Postscript for Cambridge area
Though no sites have been sent from Cambridge itself, I reproduce the following from the Evening Standard for 12 June 1990:
'A little known nocturnal sport at Magdalene College, Cambridge, has come to an end this summer. DR Richard Luckett, who looks after the Pepys Library at Magdalene, tells me dolefully that he will not now be playing croquet by night in the college Deer Park because there are no glow-worms this year to play by. I jest not. Players taped five or more glow-worms onto the croquet balls to enable them to see where they went in the dark. "They didn't last very long," Dr Luckett admits.

Through his efforts, glow-worms might now have been wiped out in Cambridge though a Cambridge man has told me that in fact the story clearly refers to Magdalene College, Oxford.

Years ago, I am told by Dr Dewhirst, Librarian at the Observatory in Madingley Road, they used to be seen along the drive to the observatory but they have not been noted recently. Nevertheless, a survey of such sites around Cambridge this summer would be worthwhile - Robin Scagell