Glow worm sites in and around Kent

A. Records published by Anthony Wootton (Country-Side 1971, 21 456-463 and 572-574, and
XXII, No 6, Spring 1974, 266-271.)
NB: Comments such as '10 years ago' here refer from 1970s.

Just S. of Knole Park, Sevenoaks, Weald of Kent, quite frequent, June 1967.
Cuxton, Nr. Rochester, August 1967
Nonington College of Physical Education (grounds) numerous, June-August 1968-1970.
Aylesham c.1960.  Between Aylesham and Nonington 1963 (by 1971 they had not been seen in last two years).
Tyler Hill, Nr. Canterbury, at least 2 by roadside July 1971.
100 yards or so E. of Farningham Road railway station, in road leading off Dartford-Farningham Road, numerous scattered over pavement and grass verges, by embankment, between 1918 and 1923, seemingly now disappeared from area which is now largely built-up.
Wrotham, several on slope of N. Downs, for last four years up to 1973.
Cranbrook (TQ 768378), few in grass verge near farm for past 20 years (1971).
Bedgebury Forest, Nr. Hawkhurst, numerous, July-August, recent years [ie 1970s, but see site 162 below].
Great Pagehurst, Nr. Staplehurst, on lane-side verges about village c. 1914-19.
Harrietsham, "before the war"
Nr. Snowdown Station (TR 243512), numerous in gardens, fields, common ground, on road and pavement edges, 1972 and previous years.

B. Sites reported to Robin Scagell
Site  Map    Location and details if any: f = (glowing) females, m = males
No    Ref
572 TQ300340 Worthledge Forest. In past, 'have disappeared'
568 TQ326080 Moulscombe Wild Park. Recently
565 TQ337596 Riddlesdown. 70f in 1990
582 TQ3619   Chalk downland just off road, Wivelsfield Green, abundant, 9.7.90.
158 TQ385614 Hutchinson's Bank, Addington, Surrey 1991
160 TQ417100 Lewes, Sussex 2f 1991
604 TQ433114 Malling Down, Lewes, 8f, 20.7.90.
159 TQ476430 Hever, Kent 1991
207 TQ4851   Ide Hill (NT), Kent 1f 1991
074 TQ525569 Sevenoaks Wildfowl Reserve 37f 1991 [NB - John Tyler is on site and studies this colony]
593 TQ543034 Nr Wilmington Long Man, 12f, 23.6.90.
218 TQ557747 Near Dartford Tunnel entrance. Every year including 91. Several
142 TQ570365 Eridge Green, Tunbridge Wells, Kent 1f 1991
210 TQ6050   Golden Stable Wood, Hadlow, Kent 8f 1991
099 TQ6354   Mereworth Woods, Mereworth, Kent 1991
560 TQ712148 Caravan Club site. 10f Jul/Aug 90.
551 TQ7169   Nashenden Farm Lane, Borstal - 'millions' 1990
569 TQ718622 Burham Marsh. 1f, 10.6.88.
162 TQ740320 Bedgebury Forest, Kent 1991
206 TQ7872   Hoo, Kent 1f 1991
222 TQ8611   Nr Fairlight CG stn, in bracken in Country Park. 20-30, Aug 91.
221 TQ9063   Burnup Bank, Sittingbourne, Kent. 90,91. Local farm path.
223 TR0133   Ham Street Woods NNR. Small number every year. [NB - Warden Robert Petley-Jones is studying this colony]
586 TR151525 Lower Hardres, Canterbury, 5f 6.7.90.
585 TR156529 Lower Hardres, Canterbury, 1f 6.7.90.

Area coordinator: John Tyler, Tadorna, Bradbourne Vale Road, Sevenoaks, Kent TN13 3DH