Glow worm sites in and around Hampshire and the Isle of Wight

A. Records published by Anthony Wootton (Country-Side 1971, 21 456-463 and 572-574, and XXII, No 6, Spring 1974, 266-271.)
NB: Comments such as '10 years ago' here refer from 1970s.

New Forest, Nr. Brook, 1 male, June 1970, numerous, mid July 1973.
New Forest, Brockenhurst area, a few females, July 1965.
E. of Whitchurch, verge of B3400 (SU 474483) 2, May 1968.
The Brickyards, up-river of Bucklers Hard, Beaulieu River, 1969.
Nr. Peel Common, S. of Fareham, regularly seen, c.1947.
Soberton area, July 1967.
Langley, Nr. Liss numerous, 1959-1969.
Wootton, 1, Jan 27, 1950. [This is as printed -- presumably not a glowing female but one found on ground - RS]
Appleshaw, Nr Andover, numerous in garden of Manor 20 years ago, then reappeared, c. 1970 to present (1971).
Bank of River Test, 4m. due N. of Romsey, several, July 1971.
Hurstbourne Tarrant, many on wall in old vicarage garden, 1930s.
Stonor Hill, Nr. Petersfield c.12, early July 1973.
Isle of Wight, S. of Yarmouth, 1 f. on disused railway embankment, late July 1968.
Isle of Wight, Newport, July 1970-3.
Isle of Wight, Brading Downs, numerous as fleet assembled at Spithead for review by King Edward VII or George V.
Isle of Wight, Brading in garden every spring for last 10 years at least.

B. Sites reported to Robin Scagell
Site  Map    Location and details if any: f = (glowing) females
No    Ref
035 SU1618   Breamore, Fordingbridge, Hants 1991
075 SU229145 Fritham Heath, New Forest 7f 1991
568 SU364340 Front lawn (uncut) of Teg Down House, 1 or 2f, 1942-4.
578 SU4018   Chilworth Manor, at edge of woods bordering lawns, 1970. [Also 1992]
578 SU410290 Farley Mount, Winchester 2f 1991
072 SU460487 The Plantation, Whitchurch, Hants 5f 1991
076 SU470250 Shawford Down, Winchester 11f 1991
077 SU485275 Twyford Down, Winchester 13f 1991
028 SU515500 Churchyard, Overton, Hants 45f 1991
104 SU5263   Headley, Hants (Nr Newbury, Berks) 12f 1991
595 SU639127 Hambledon, Hants 3f 1991
611 SU657200 Chalk pit at roadside. 1f, 19.7.90.
577 SU740320 Noar Hill, Selborne 2f 1991
071 SU747319 Noar Hill, Selborne, Hants 1f 1991
033 SU762610 Heath Warren Nr Eversley, Hants 12f 1991
006 SZ331854 Tennyson Down, IoW 8f 1991
164 SZ342855 Tennyson Down, IoW 3f 1991
579 SZ417901 Corfe Scout Camp, IoW, 'said to be one of best places'
       SZ416846 Westover Down, IoW. 84f on 30.7.93
       SZ486877 Carisbrooke Castle, IoW. 31f on 27.7.93
504 SZ4894   Entrance to Gurnards Pines Holiday Camp, Cowes IoW 1938
505 SZ4896   Road between Albert Rd & Solent View Rd, Gurnard, IoW 1990
503 SZ5492   Jordans, Wootton Bridge, IoW  5f up to 1990
577 SZ638862 Caravan site, Whitecliff Bay, IoW. Many years ago [12f seen 25.7.93 at 638857]
       SZ600868 Brading Down, IoW. 23f on 22.7.93
578 SZ640869 Field near Whitecliff Bay, IoW. Larva seen 1991. [2f seen 22.7.93]