Glow-worm sites in and around Worcestershire

A. Records published by Anthony Wootton (Country-Side 1971, 21 456-463 and 572-574, and XXII, No 6, Spring 1974, 266-271.) NB: Comments such as ‘10 years ago’ here refer from 1970s.

Nr. Martley, N.W. of Worcester, close to bank of River Teme, many females and larvae, June 1966 and previous years.
Chase End Hill, S. of Malvern, several 1967-1969.
S. end of Malvern Hills, Nr. Little Malvern, (SO 763388), 1968-69.
Shatterford, Nr. Bewdley, up to 12, 1954-1963 (last seen).
Ladywood, Droitwich, 1 June 1969, very common up to 1967.
Droitwich, in garden and on railway line between Worcester and Droitwich, numerous, recent.
Great Comberton, Bredon, common mid-June 1965, 12, 1966, 3, 1968, none seen in 1969.
Monkwood, c.3m N. of Worcester, 1 female June 1973.

Cusop Nr. River Wye, Black Mountains. [date not given, but I have received reports from private land near Cusop in recent years - RS]
Colwall S. of Malvern.
West Malvern, all June-August c.1915.
Moccas 1972.
Nr. Titley Station 1970.
Woolhope Road, Mordiford 1972.
Common Hill, Fownhope 1972.
Dinmore Wood 1972.
News Wood, Malverns 1972.
Frith Wood, Ledbury 1972.

B. Sites reported to Robin Scagell
Site  Map    Location and details if any: f = (glowing) females
No    Ref

225 SO0039   Llangeview, Usk, Gwent 1991  6 f 1991
557 SO040877 Llandinam, 1987
519 SO2171   Little Hen Cefn, Llangunllo. 7 or 8 yrs ago on road.
549 SO5204   Gardens of The Priory, Llandogo, Gwent. 1936
109 SO7202   Along canal, Slimbridge, Glos 100f 1991
507 SO7646   Field opposite Old Hollow, West Malvern, 1950s
573 SO827091?Haresfield Beacon. Dozens, Jul/Aug 1976.
590 SO889339 Mythe Railway Reserve. 8f, 11.7.90.
588 SO897333 Rly embankment, Tewkesbury. 79f, 10.7.90.
589 SO898332 Rly embankment, Tewkesbury. 7f, 10.7.90. [See remarks for Gloucestershire for more details]
553 SO9013   Cranham Scout Camp 2f Jul 75

NOTE: Because there are few recent sites in Worcestershire, I have added a few from neighbouring areas. But it would be very worthwhile to visit the old Worcestershire sites and to locate new ones if possible - RS